Pastor’s Appreciation


The Pastor’s Quill

Pastor’s Appreciation

By Pastor Tim Hodge
Aug 27, 2017


Semantics! I love semantics. Okay, so no one will think I’m too weird, allow me to define semantics (in case you need enlightenment): “The study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meaning and form.” The definitions of words, their placement in context, the structure of sentences, the punctuation… all of these can change complete meanings or interpretations by the writer and the reader.

For example, today is PASTOR’S APPRECIATION. Knowing the context of the event at Crossroads World Outreach Center (CWOC) scheduled for today most would deem this as a day where the pastor is appreciated. However, to the casual reader who would come in off the street and is clueless to the plans for today they could read this as “the pastor is appreciative.”

I sat and looked at a note given to me this week. The heading was “Pastor’s Appreciation”. The note was informing me of some of the plans for the day of August 27, 2017. I sat and stared at the words “Pastor’s Appreciation” and my semantic-brain kicked in.

I live every day in “Pastor’s Appreciation”. I am appreciative of YOU (CWOC). I am appreciative of your commitment to the cause of Christ we live for. I am appreciative of your faithfulness. I am appreciative of your support and encouragement. I am appreciative of our leaders. I am appreciative that I can TRUST you. I am an appreciative pastor; hence, every day is “Pastor’s Appreciation”.

1 Corinthians 3:9 (NIV) states. “For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.” We are in this together. There are no big chiefs and little Indians at CWOC. We are doing life and Kingdom advancement together as dictated by our Lord.

Thank you. I love you.


God’s Instrument

This pastor appreciation poem is about how God
uses pastors in our lives.


I see the hands that hold God’s word
And fold in prayer to seek His will.
I see the feet that walk the path
And offers of praise as from lofty hill.

I see the hands that serve Him well,
The ears that seek to hear His call,
The mouth that speaks truth and wisdom,
The busy feet that carry the message to all.

I see the heart that was pricked and entered
When God’s man answered the gospel call
And yielded His life as a humble servant,
A man who is willing, as was Apostle Paul.

I see all of this as he stands in the pulpit,
An instrument through which God speaks
The words of wisdom, of love and peace,
To lead and guide all those whom God seeks.

by Judy Crowe