swimming to island

The Pastor’s Quill THE LAW OF TREADING WATER By Pastor Tim Hodge Nov 19, 2017 Last week, I utilized some quotes from Dr. John Maxwell on LEADERSHIP. The first book I read of Maxwell was The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership. That book greatly enhanced my life and my leadership thoughts. Recently, I came up […]


The Pastor’s Quill LEADERSHIP THOUGHTS By Pastor Tim Hodge Nov 12, 2017   Dr. John Maxwell has been the leadership guru of the 1990’s and into the 2000’s. I quote him often. One of my most used quotes is: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” That’s a heavy statement. I want to share some of […]

#BLESSEDlife, sir-ah-ten-ee!

forest fire

The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife sir-ah-ten-ee! By Pastor Tim Hodge Oct 29, 2017 Several weeks ago, I was in a casual conversation with some brothers. We were hitting on random subjects. Somehow, the discussion navigated to the tragic fires in the western United States. Then a couple of them enlightened me on something profound. There are […]


gold nuggets

The Pastor’s Quill NUGGETS TO LIVE BY By Pastor Tim Hodge Oct 15, 2017   Thou shalt not quit on the blessing. Thou shalt not skimp on the blessing. Thou shalt fight for the blessing. #BLESSEDlife #Jesus_Model Out-compliment everyone who compliments you this week. #BLESSEDlife My sin was great, Your love was GREATER! #BLESSEDlife CHRISTIANS: […]

#BLESSEDlife, Part 3


The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife Part 3 By Pastor Tim Hodge Oct 01, 2017   Two weeks ago, we started a journey. We embarked on a grand adventure of treasure hunting in the Word of God. We are digging and pulling back layers to gain revelation on what the scriptures declare for God’s people in experiencing […]

#BLESSEDlife, Part 2


The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife Part 2 By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 24, 2017   Last week we kicked off our series of digging into the scriptures to find the treasure troves of what the Bible dictates concerning the #BLESSEDlife. Our whole premise of this study has to do with setting aside all presuppositions, whether pro […]


The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 17, 2017 For the next few weeks (Sundays and Wednesdays) I’m going to be sharing TREACHING (teaching and preaching) on THE #BLESSEDlife. Note I’ll be using the hashtag #BLESSEDlife in the messages and on social media (I’d like to ask you to do the same in […]



The Pastor’s Quill JERSEY SUNDAY COMMUNITY (Part 2) By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 10, 2017   Welcome to Crossroads World Outreach Center (CWOC). Today is “JERSEY SUNDAY” (we encouraged those who wanted to participate to wear their favorite team’s colors). If you think we are glorifying sports, please hold on just a moment. We are going […]