focus on Jesus

The Pastor’s Quill



By Pastor Tim Hodge
June 25, 2017


Focus. One of the simple definitions given by is: “The clear and sharply defined condition of an image.” A couple of years ago, I went to get new glasses. Being the penny-pincher, I fussed and fumed all the way to the optometrist because I ‘knew’ I could see just fine (and I knew how much glasses cost). However, Mrs. Kim was determined I needed to keep the eyes checked. When I got my new glasses I was thinking, “WOW! I didn’t realize how off my vision was.” I had grown accustomed to seeing okay with the old glasses, but I could see “GREAT” with the new ones. I had settled for a sub-par focus.

As our eyes have a natural focus. Life has a figurative focus. Our mindsets, goals, passions, and such are focused on certain things. If we are not careful those things become dull over time and our focus is not as sharp as it once was. Scenarios, situations, problematic events, and stressful situations can erode this figurative focus. Trust me, it is very easy for our embattled souls to decrease our focus in the times of storms.

There is a fascinating story in the Bible of when Peter walked on water. In Matthew 14, Jesus had dispatched His disciples to go across the Sea of Galilee (which is a big lake). They got caught in a massive storm and their little boat was taking the brunt of the blow. Somewhere between 3am and 6am as the lightning flashed they saw a figure walking on water. It was Jesus. Peter spoke to Jesus and said, “Lord, if it is You, bid me to come to You.” Jesus replied, “Come on.” Peter stepped out of the boat with his full focus on Jesus. Then we find this verse: “But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, ‘Lord, save me!’ (Matthew 14:30, NKJV). Look at that verse again. Look at the fourth word: “SAW”. Peter focused on the storm and not the Water Walker. He lost his focus on the proper target.

Several days ago, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. I pulled out my journal and looked at the last date I had made an entry. It was multiple days earlier. I had allowed myself to become extremely tied up being vexed with my life’s chaos and I had allowed those things (the STORM) to become my focus. The same thing was happening with me as with Peter; I felt like I was sinking (and sinking FAST!).

For a vision problem with my eyes I go to the eye doctor. For focus issues in my life I had to go to the Word of God! I set an appointment with God. I went to bed early so I’d be rested and my mind and spirit would be able to concentrate. I got up at 4am with a sense of excitement because I had a mission and I knew the Holy Spirit would help me.

I spent some time in worship. I sat before the Lord with a Bible and a pad. I began to write WHO and WHAT He says I am through His Word. I also wrote WHO and WHAT He says He is to me through His Word. My spirit is refreshed. My focus has been renewed and sharpened. The storm is still raging, but the waves are smaller when I’m focused on a GREAT BIG GOD!