The Pastor’s Quill


By Pastor Tim Hodge
Nov 12, 2017


Dr. John Maxwell has been the leadership guru of the 1990’s and into the 2000’s. I quote him often. One of my most used quotes is: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” That’s a heavy statement. I want to share some of my personal thoughts on LEADERSHIP in this article today.

There are leaders and there are managers. Leaders see where we are, but also where we need to go. Managers are content where we are and operate in the current systems by keeping the current processes and procedures running as fluidly as possible. Leaders are change-agents and are always looking over the horizon for what is next. Managers are slow to change because they are focused on how things are. Leaders most often fight discontentment because, while they appreciate what is, they often see what is lacking. Leaders struggle with confidence because they gauge their effectiveness on production and the cooperative efforts of their followers (team, organization, congregation).

We all need to analyze our personalities and see where we “fit” in an organization, team, or congregation. Too many leaders and not enough managers produces a lot of good ideas but getting very little accomplished. Too many managers will yield doing the same thing the same way forever (which will yield an obsolete system that becomes ineffective – this is the culprit of the ineffectiveness of many churches in our culture). Regardless, LEADERS and MANAGERS are both needed and are an essence of LEADERSHIP.

You can take these points and apply them to your work, your family, and especially (since I’m a pastor writing to a ministry) your church. John Maxwell also states, “Leadership is influence.” Let’s be honest… all of us exert influence in some (or all) of the areas mentioned here (work, family, and church).

It is very easy for a leader to become overly focused in certain areas. A wise leader will call time-outs periodically, draw back, allow a refocusing, and come back at it again with a fresh perspective.

Have your ever written a paper for school? I’ve found that when writing something like that I can become so familiar with it that I overlook simple mistakes. I’ve written it. I’ve read over it several times. However, I can read it a few days later and find spelling errors or I will see wording that I could have used more effectively. Those days away from the document allowed me to lose the familiarity and look at it with a new perspective.

That same essence of familiarity can plague us in work, business, relationships, and our spiritual walk (especially ‘church’). As for myself, when you read this I will be on a little time-out. I need to refocus my focus. I don’t want to fall prey to familiarity. I want to be sharp, focused, and in tune with what the Spirit of God wants for this ministry, for me, and for my family.

Whatever you can glean from these thoughts on leadership, please take it to heart. Remember, everything RISES and FALLS on LEADERSHIP.