Happy Mothers Day

The Pastor’s Quill

By Pastor Tim Hodge
May 14, 2017
To all of you mothers: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2017! I know this is “the day” set aside on the calendar for YOU, but I do believe I speak for most that every day is a day we cherish and honor our mothers.

While contemplatively pondering the writing of this article for the Quill today I had my usual pinball moments of thought where my mind was bouncing all over the place. Then again, when thinking about moms how could it not? Moms do so much for us and mean so much to us. I could run the gamut of birthing our little screaming selves in the delivery room to still wrinkling their brow at us when reproving us in our adult years.

I want to take a moment and show some love to our moms. Most of us have had the blessing of saying we have had great mothers. However, it would be remiss of me to assume everyone had an ideal situation in life concerning their mother. Still, in everyone’s life we can pause to acknowledge mother-figures in our lives too.

I’ve seen so many people who didn’t have a true, loyal, nurturing mother but God placed amazing mother-figures in their lives. These may have come in the forms of grandmothers, aunts, or spiritual mothers in the church. I’ve watched these mother-figures love these folks as though they had birthed them out of their very own womb. What a beautiful picture this is. In fact, while I write this I’m reflecting on specific mother-figures I’ve witnessed in my fifty-one years and a huge smile made its way across my face.

As for these “mother-figures” they don’t just step up when the biological mother has been subpar. They are all over the place and even in good situations with biological parents. My mom has been a great mother. Yet, I’ve had several mother-figures in my life that have loved me like a son. Some of you at Crossroads World Outreach Center fit in here. I had one sweet little lady tell me on the phone this week: “I love you like my own son.” Those are great words of endearment <smile>.

I also have an aunt in Florida (my mom’s only living sibling) who has been a mother-figure to me my entire life. She and my uncle would corral me in when I was a tot and take me on family vacations with them. To this day, she still “mothers” me.

So MOMS, whether you are a biological mother or a mother-figure, allow me to say this: THANK YOU. Thank you for the love, the nurturing, enduring with us in the antagonizing moments when we have driven you to the brink of insanity, for never giving up on us, and for always being there.