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The Pastor’s Quill


By Pastor Tim Hodge
Oct 15, 2017


Thou shalt not quit on the blessing. Thou shalt not skimp on the blessing. Thou shalt fight for the blessing. #BLESSEDlife #Jesus_Model

Out-compliment everyone who compliments you this week. #BLESSEDlife

My sin was great, Your love was GREATER! #BLESSEDlife

CHRISTIANS: That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead now dwells in us. Let’s LIVE that out LOUD. #BLESSEDlife

We may not grasp all the WHAT IF’s but we surely had better have a handle on WHAT IS. Work with what you have to work with. #BLESSEDlife

God does NOT want to be a major part of your world. HE WANTS TO BE YOUR WHOLE WORLD!!!! #BLESSEDlife

The gospel of Jesus is unbelievable; too good to be true. That is the very reason it can only be apprehended by faith. #BLESSEDlife

Burnt bridges stink. Don’t cause a stink. Everything revolves around relationships. #BLESSEDlife

Though all may not be well in the world, it is well with my soul. I wish to share with the world what is in my soul. #BLESSEDlife

I do not fight the culture around me. How can I change something if I’m caught up in constant conflict with it? #BLESSEDlife

I care not that man agrees with me; only that I agree with the Word of God. Then, I carry the agreement of GOD! #BLESSEDlife

Fruit > words. Actions shout aloud while words simply speak. The greatest things your life will ever say won’t be vocalized. #BLESSEDlife

“For You, O Lord, will BLESS the righteous; with FAVOR You will surround him as with a shield” (Psalms 5:12, NKJV). #BLESSEDlife

Anything with a healthy vitality should be progressive and growing (business, spiritual life, ministry, relationships, etc). #BLESSEDlife

We have multiple yesterdays. We have, potentially, multiple tomorrows. We all only have ONE today. Make the best of it. #NSBT

Don’t chase personalities. Chase purpose.

Christians, remember we will all give account to GOD one day; however, we give an account to our fellow man EVERY day. #beREAL

In a fragile world riddled with flippancy we find Jesus is the only constant. #Same_Yesterday_Today_And_Forever

Once the true love of Christ permeates one’s heart there will be no access for any semblance of hate. #TrueLoveNeeded

The local church should be the heartbeat of a community. Are you a PART of one or simply a PATRON? The former aids effectiveness.