Nuggets to live by

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The Pastor’s Quill

By Pastor Tim Hodge
Aug 13, 2017


“He will hear our faintest cry. He will answer by-and-by.” #Hallelujah

The blood of Jesus was, is, and forevermore shall be efficient and sufficient for the soul in need.

Do not let life steal your song! Psalms 8; Matthew 21:16 #SingPRAISE

The local church should be the heartbeat of a community. Are you a PART of one or simply a PATRON? The former aids effectiveness.

Every Christian should consider their life a TROPHY of God’s grace. Live it out loud for the world to see. 2 Corinthians 2:14

The greatest TRIUMPHS in life are not of a man’s own making, but of GOD’S great design! Jeremiah 29:11 — He has THOUGHTS and PLANS (plural)

The efficacy of prayer is not determined by your faithfulness, but by GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. #PrayerWorks

I may be hell-fought, but I’m HEAVEN-ASSISTED. Heaven never loses. #NSBT

The more I love Jesus the more I love me (because I find His worth in me). The more I love me the more I love others. #Jesus_Model

I’m excited about JESUS.

“You’re still here not because you’ve held onto God but because HE HELD ONTO YOU!” – Samuel Rodriguez

“While we’re waiting for Jesus to come down, He’s waiting for His church to stand up.” – Samuel Rodriguez

“Crisis and pain causes us to be desperate and look up.” — John Dawson

“Live vulnerable where you have to be rescued by God.” — John Dawson

“We are defined by God’s adoption, not our standards.” — John Dawson

Romans 8:1 (NIV) – “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus….” Jesus: Condemnation Crusher

God is always in control. ALWAYS! #sovereignGOD

The GOOD fight of faith… #BehindEnemyLines #YouAreNotAlone #DoNotFightAlone More than conquerors through CHRIST JESUS! #NSBT

“We don’t want the fish from another pond; give us the wild ones, God.” — Chris Burns (Yes, the WILD ones!)

One thing about a fight where I grew up: YOU ALWAYS HIT BACK. With this spiritual attack I’ve been under… I’LL BE SWINGING SOON. #Jesus

“God put us in the middle of a sowing and reaping universe.” – Dave Ramsey

JESUS was not part of the plan. HE WAS THE PLAN!!!

The devil prefers us derailed rather than “on track.” Remember that when facing adversity. #worth_the_fight

Never UNDERESTIMATE someone else’s conflict. Never OVERESTIMATE your own personal conflict. Stay focused. Conflict is conflict. #peace