young lions conference 2017

The Pastor’s Quill


By Pastor Tim Hodge
Apr 30, 2017

I’m writing this article from a hotel in Charleston, SC. I’m not here on vacation (though this is one of the top vacation spots of the world). I’m not here for the event that took place at the North Charleston Coliseum (though the parking area was packed as I drove by late tonight). I’m not here to visit the many friends I have across this metropolitan city (though I have them here by the hundreds, if not thousands, after living and ministering here with my family for eleven years). My reason for being here: I have a three-day assignment to preach the living, life-changing Word of the Almighty God.

In God’s scheme of things He has chosen the foolishness of “PREACHING” to be an element of released POWER to believers (1 Corinthians 1:18). To the immature believer they see preachers as merely giving speeches or passionate talks. However, my beloved friends, preaching is the supernatural means through which God uses men and women as conduit where His Holy Spirit moves and His heart is relayed through anointed verbiage.
Welcome to the YOUNG LIONS CONFERENCE 2017.
This week Crossroads World Outreach Center will host the 2017 Young Lions Conference. In 2009 I sat in a very large room filled with hundreds of preachers of the gospel. I was at a large round table where around a dozen of people had pulled up chairs and we shared what God had been speaking to our hearts. We were not some special, entitled elitists; rather we were just ordinary folks who shared mutual relationships and a passion to see God do grand things in and through His churches. We sat in that room on multiple nights that week until the custodians would start vacuuming the carpet around our feet and eventually begin flipping off rows of lights. That was our cue to bid one another a good night.

The next week I sat in my office reflecting on the conversations and the passionate prophetic insights and callings upon these people I had been in dialogue with. In my heart I whispered a prayer, “God, these folks have so much inside of them and they need more people to hear what You’re saying to them.” Instantly I sensed the voice of the Lord respond: “Well, YOU make it happen!” Yes, exclamation mark because God spoke it rather forcibly.

Annually (excluding 2016) we have hosted this series of meetings. I term it “conference” but you can call it “REVIVAL” or whatever you like. We’ve had some POWERFUL men and women of God come in and release the Word of Life to us. This week will be no different. As I am in Charleston ON ASSIGNMENT, these ministers will descend upon Columbia, SC to breathe the inspired Word of God into our lives, our church, our situations, and our city.

This is not only THEIR assignment, but it is OURS as well. Our assignment is to create an atmosphere – not for the ministers alone, but for the Spirit of God where He shall have the freedom to SAY and DO the supernatural. Our assignment is to BE A BLESSING to the speakers and to RECEIVE MULTIPLIED BLESSINGS by honoring the gifts of ministry and, thereby, honoring the Creator of those gifts.

We are not having a series of meetings just to be having meetings. We are going to be coming together to create an atmosphere of miracles where the speakers will be blessed and encouraged as they operate in the fresh oil anointing of God. We are going to receive of their anointings but our greater blessing will go far deeper. CWOC is a SPECIAL place with beautiful gifts of love and friendship. As we extend our gifts to these ministers we are going to encourage them and we will bless them by giving them a “stage” – an atmosphere to minister in where God can fluidly flow through them. THAT is our assignment. We will be used to unlock a greater degree of anointing upon their lives.