gold nuggets

The Pastor’s Quill NUGGETS TO LIVE BY By Pastor Tim Hodge Oct 15, 2017   Thou shalt not quit on the blessing. Thou shalt not skimp on the blessing. Thou shalt fight for the blessing. #BLESSEDlife #Jesus_Model Out-compliment everyone who compliments you this week. #BLESSEDlife My sin was great, Your love was GREATER! #BLESSEDlife CHRISTIANS: […]

#BLESSEDlife, Part 3


The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife Part 3 By Pastor Tim Hodge Oct 01, 2017   Two weeks ago, we started a journey. We embarked on a grand adventure of treasure hunting in the Word of God. We are digging and pulling back layers to gain revelation on what the scriptures declare for God’s people in experiencing […]

#BLESSEDlife, Part 2


The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife Part 2 By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 24, 2017   Last week we kicked off our series of digging into the scriptures to find the treasure troves of what the Bible dictates concerning the #BLESSEDlife. Our whole premise of this study has to do with setting aside all presuppositions, whether pro […]


The Pastor’s Quill #BLESSEDlife By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 17, 2017 For the next few weeks (Sundays and Wednesdays) I’m going to be sharing TREACHING (teaching and preaching) on THE #BLESSEDlife. Note I’ll be using the hashtag #BLESSEDlife in the messages and on social media (I’d like to ask you to do the same in […]



The Pastor’s Quill JERSEY SUNDAY COMMUNITY (Part 2) By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 10, 2017   Welcome to Crossroads World Outreach Center (CWOC). Today is “JERSEY SUNDAY” (we encouraged those who wanted to participate to wear their favorite team’s colors). If you think we are glorifying sports, please hold on just a moment. We are going […]


we exist to

 The Pastor’s Quill   BUILDING COMMUNITY!   By Pastor Tim Hodge Sep 03, 2017   We are a ministry that exists ON PURPOSE and FOR PURPOSE. We exist for three basic reasons in the Kingdom of God. First, we exist to reach the unsaved and the unchurched. Second, we exist to build community. Thirdly, we […]

Pastor’s Appreciation


The Pastor’s Quill Pastor’s Appreciation By Pastor Tim Hodge Aug 27, 2017   Semantics! I love semantics. Okay, so no one will think I’m too weird, allow me to define semantics (in case you need enlightenment): “The study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meaning and form.” The definitions of words, their […]


eclipse of heart

The Pastor’s Quill A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART By Pastor Tim Hodge Aug 20, 2017 In 1983 a Welsh singer named Bonnie Tyler released the song “Total Eclipse Of the Heart.” Many of you will probably be humming that song later today just because I’ve jogged your subliminal unconscious. Somewhere today you’ll catch yourself […]

Nuggets to live by

gold nuggets

The Pastor’s Quill By Pastor Tim Hodge Aug 13, 2017   “He will hear our faintest cry. He will answer by-and-by.” #Hallelujah The blood of Jesus was, is, and forevermore shall be efficient and sufficient for the soul in need. Do not let life steal your song! Psalms 8; Matthew 21:16 #SingPRAISE The local church […]


The Pastor’s Quill #NSBT By Pastor Tim Hodge Aug 06, 2017   Overcomers! That’s the ultimate picture God has in mind for His children and He will extend all the power, grace, and mercy of Heaven to make that a reality. This world brings its own share of tribulation to the saved and the unsaved […]