TRUST FACTOR: A Father’s Strength

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TRUST FACTOR: A Father’s Strength

By Pastor Tim Hodge
June 18, 2017


On Thursday night during Kids Kamp 2017 I was wrapping up a long extension cord, as we were nearing the end of the night’s activities. Suddenly, this little fellow from the younger kid’s group came running up to me and said, “I need to potty… bad.” He was squirming and squeezing his little boy parts so I assumed we were on the verge of imminent disaster.

I told him I would take him over to the porta-potties and proceeded to walk that way. To my surprise, this completely little four or five year-old stranger reached up and grabbed my hand as we walked. Off we went with my remaining unwrapped cord dragging about ten feet behind us, but at the moment the cord was not the priority.

Several folks were standing around the porta-potties, but we found one not being used so I held the door open as he went in and then closed it behind him assuring him I’d wait for him. I continued wrapping my cord so it would not have porta-potty feet trampling all over it. When I turned around there was my new little buddy standing there waiting patiently for me. He wasn’t saying a word; just watching me. I told him I take him back to his group. He never said a word he just reached up and took my hand again.

How much trust, safety, and peace did this little fella find in me – a complete stranger???

Some may be thinking, “How sweet!” Others may be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Personally, I couldn’t shake the experience. There is more to the story (and I’ll get back to that in a moment), but as I drove out of Kids Kamp I sensed the Holy Spirit had an assignment for me to learn from my experience with my little buddy. As I reflected in my office, I thought of Isaiah 41:13 where we find these words, “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you’” (NKJV).

How much greater trust should I have in God than that little boy had in me? That little guy took my hand in full assurance that his pressing situation in a relatively unknown environment was going to be okay because I had it under control.

Back to the story – we couldn’t find his group – out of a crowd of around 1,000 people. Chaos was in the air. It was dismissal time and that period gets a little crazy with all the masses positioning themselves to exit in an unorderly orderly fashion. Then I looked down and noticed he had a little yellow Kids Kamp bracelet on which signified he was a bus rider (and the buses were on the other end of the arena). The little yellow band had “BUS #2” written in red sharpie on it. I had someone with a walkie-talkie call back to the busing director and tell the driver of “BUS #2” I was in route with a little precious piece of cargo. As we walked across the arena I made up a little song that I sang to him, “We’re on the way to bus #2.” He grinned at my little silly ditty without an ounce of anxiety.

How much more does God take care of us? For about ten minutes I was a father-figure to this little boy. For a moment in time God used me to help him in a pressing point of need. However, now hours later I realize God used that little guy to TEACH me and REMIND me of the great power found in the TRUST FACTOR.